King Malenvar Sanborn III

King Malenvar Sanborn III of Ralas was the forty-second and last monarch from the Sanborn Dynasty.

Malenvar was lost at sea in 1244/4, during the ferocious Battle of the Volnar Strait, where he defeated a gigantic fleet of Corsairs, led by the Pirate-King of Tar Vielca.

King Malenvar was aboard the Ralani flagship; Queen Aricela, when it rammed and boarded the Pirate-King's flagship; the huge war galley Pillager.

Shortly thereafter, a stray, flaming arrow ignited the alchemist fire stored aboard the Corsair vessel and the ensuing explosion destroyed both ships and killed everyone aboard.

King Malenvar was the last holder Darkslayer; one of the seven Elanthir swords, which was lost along with him during the battle. He was succeeded on the Dragon Throne by King Avner Montero.