Capitol: Mori (population: 63,000)
Population: 565,000 84% Eloysian, 15% Hakeen, 1% other)
Government: Oligarchy
Current Leaders: 12-member elected Merchant Council
Coat of Arms: a red lobster on a yellow field
Exports: whale oil, ambergris, soap, perfume, sugar

Other Malvatian Cities: Arvhos, Vhan'Ahr

Malvatis (also known as Qui’Alai-Vhan’Ahr) is located deep within the Vhan Myr Ocean, this chain of twenty-two large and over sixty small islands is home to a great Eloysian culture founded on a simple idea of whale hunting. Over the centuries, whaling became the chief occupation of this island chain, and for hundreds of years, the islands were a crucial Imperial colony; supplying the entire Eloysian Empire with oil for their lamps. It has been said that the Malvatians light the continent of Avokhar, for their industry has such a monopoly on this trade. Only the sales of ambergris, soap, and perfume have any other impact on the island nation’s economy.


Malvatian whale oil and Malvatian whalers are part of every coastal vocabulary on both Corwyn and Avokhar. The ships of Malvatis are distinguishable by their black-tarred hulls and yellow and red diagonally striped sails. The ruling 12-member Malvatian Merchant Council wields a powerful navy of 35 warships to protect their island home, and a small army of 3,000 soldiers, although over 20,000 can be called up in wartime.