Capital: Mori (population: 63,000)
Population: 565,000 (84% Eloysian, 15% Hakeen, 1% other)
Government: Oligarchy
Current Leaders: 12-member elected Merchant Council
Coat of Arms: a red lobster on a yellow field
Exports: whale oil, ambergris, soap, perfume, sugar

Located on the Malvatian Islands, deep within the Vhan Myr, Malvatis is an Eloysian nation famous for its whaling trade.

Eloysian explorers discovered the Malvatian Islands three thousand years ago. Soon after, the first whaling station was established, which grew into the city of Mori

Over the following centuries, whaling became the chief occupation for the islanders, followed by related industries of ambergris and soap. The islands also have the perfect climate for sugar crops, and massive cane fields cover much of the islands' interiors

The Malvatian Islands remained independent until they were conquered by the Eloysian Empire, whose greedy rulers desired the vast wealth derived from the sales of the nation's rich whale oil.

For the next several centuries, Malvatis became a crucial Imperial colony; supplying the Empire with crucial oil for their lamps.

Because of the Malvatian monopoly on the whaling trade, it soon became a common adage; "Malvatians light the continent of Azoria."

In addition to the capital of Mori, there are two other large Malvatian Cities: Arvhos and Vhan'Ahr


Malvatian whaling vessels and their casks of oil are a commonplace sight in every seaport on both Corwyn and Azoria.

Malvatian whalers are easily recognized by their black-tarred hulls and their yellow and red diagonally striped sails; all flying the famous lobster sigil off their sterns.


Malvatis has few enemies, but its ships are often targeted by pirates. To protect its whalers, the Malvatian Council commands a powerful navy of 21 warships, as well as a small army of 3,000 soldiers. In wartime, over 20,000 conscripts can be called up for service.

As an elected republic, Malvatians have always been welcoming of outsiders and their people embrace many different cultures and traditions.

Today, the majority of the human population is made up of ethnic Eloysians, but there is a large and influential Hakeen minority; most of whom migrated to the islands from Za'har, after the fall of Old Xhola.

Local History

Three thousand years ago, the Malvatian Islands were populated by only a few small fishing villages, and coastal trading communities. Once Eloysian explorers discovered the islands and the huge supply of blue and sperm whales off their shores, harvested Whale Oil became a source of enormous wealth to the Malvatians.

The first whaling station was founded by an Eloysian explorer named Mori Al'Rashad, and his family crest of a red lobster on a yellow field became the sigil for the fledgling colony. The small settlement named for him eventually grew into a massive seaport

It was this wealth and strategic location that drew the attention of the Eloysian Empire. In the year AR 79, Malvatis was invaded and conquered by an imperial fleet led by Emperor Zha'dur.

For the next two millennia, these islands were part of the empire and subject to local Hamanid governors appointed in Sanjakar. After the fall of the Empire in AR 2079, Malvatis declared itself an independent nation and has remained so ever since.

Unlike many other former Eloysian territories, the Malvatians did not choose a King, Shah, or Caliph. Instead, the islanders elected a council of merchant lords to rule fairly over their people.