Duke Maric Nhoray

Lord Maric is a powerful and influential Amari noble and the current ruler of the Ammarindi city of Atharavon.

Lord Maric has a reputation for being a fair ruler, but also quite corrupt. Despite Royal Decrees outlawing such, he secretly allows exploration of the Catacombs, in return for a lucrative amount of graft.

It is said that on several occasions, Lord Maric himself, once delved deep into the Catacombs, in his adventuring days. Today, the Duke enjoys a "special" arrangement with Durnan; the owner & operator of the Yawning Portal.

The House of Nhoray

The Nhoray family is part of the old aristocracy of Ammarind, a venerable Amari family that traces its roots back to the days of the Ravinian Empire, when Lord Osric Nhoray served in the court of Emprees Ravinia.

Since the fall of the Empire, the family has became extremely wealthy as both shipbuilders and landholders. Many locals whisper that the Nhoray family bought its way into nobility via a large gift to King Anrik Selwyn, who granted the ruler-ship of Atharavon to Duke Gavrik Nhoray over 400 years ago.