King Markov Penrose

Markov Penrose was the second ruler of the Kingdom of Adar, who expanded his father's kingdom by defeating the Empire of Shang-Zhou and expanding Adari control into the lands of the Far East.

As a child, young Markov watched his father conquer much of Eastern Corwyn, and learned how to rule from his example.

Like his father, Markov was well-trained in the arts of dark magic by his Gauth allies; skills that would come to fruition in the coming wars against the Daroon.

Legend has it; the court wizard during Markov's reign was a powerful Gauth sorcerer named "Pyritas," which was one of many names used by Alokkair.

Markov was also a brilliant military leader, and he displayed those skills in the War of the False Spring, where he decisively defeated the Daroon Empire of Shang-Zhou.

After his stunning victory at the Battle of Zorath Valley, Markov led his armies further east and sacked the Imperial capital of Zhengys.

Markov was then able to sign a treaty with Cloud-Emperor Singh of Shang-Zhou, who ceded much of his territory to Adar.

This victory was the height of the power and expansion of Adar.