Marothë Dynasty

The Marothë Dynasty was a line of Thalari rulers descended from King Algerd; who founded the kingdom of Thalar in the year 27/4

This family possessed Peacemaker; one of the seven Elanthir swords, which was given to House Marothë by the Council of Sorcerë as a reward for Algerd's courageous service in the war against Alokkair.

The House of Marothë ruled Thalar for 799 years, and a total of forty-two monarchs sat upon the famed Crystal Throne.

This family continued to rule the northern Kingdom until the dark period between 785-825/4, known as the Storm of the North, in which the realm was overthrown and both its major cities destroyed.

The last monarch of the Dynasty was King Edgerd III, who died tragically during the great storm, and lost his Elanthir as well.

With the death of King Edgerd, the Kingdom of Thalar collapsed into several small, competing fiefdoms until the Fifth Age, when the entire region was united once again by Kren Alaghon.

The Marothë Rulers of Thalar

Algerd 27-42/4*
Eldard 52-76/4
Gerard 76-95/4
Rygerd 95-122/4
Urland 122-154/4
Berand 154-169/4
Maynard 169-189/4
Cerland 189-210/4 †
Durand 210-227/4
Leland 227-250/4
Morland 250-271/4
Leovard 271-287/4
Gerard II 287-307/4
Urland II 307-324/4
Algerd II 324-339/4 †
Roland 339-361/4
Durand II 361-379/4
Eldard II 379-401/4
Algerd II 401-424/4
Maynard II 424-443/4
Cerland II 443-465/4
Urland III 465-467/4 †
Rygerd II 467-492/4
Berand II 492-508/4 †
Durand III 508-509/4 †
Rygerd II 509/4 †
Briand 509-513/4 †
Gerard III 513-534/4
Roland II 534-552/4
Rygerd III 552-564/4 †
Edgerd 564-601/4
Leovard II 601-626/4 †
Eldard III 626-660/4
Briand II 660-685/4 †
Algerd IV 711-731/4
Roland III 731-759/4
Edgerd II 759-775/4
Leovard III 775-789/4
Briand III 789-803/4
Eldard IV 803-817/4
Katarina 817-824/4 †
Edgerd III 824-825/4 †**