Baranov Dynasty

The Baranov Dynasty was a line of Sköda rulers descended from King Algerd; who founded the Kingdom of Thalar in the year 27/4.

The House of Baranov was an old and distinguished Hüornen noble family, who, by the end of the Third Age, had became the rulers of the city of Al-Enoth. About this time, a young lord named Algerd was approached by the Council of Sorcerë, who asked for his aid against the pending invasion of the West by the forces of Alokkair.

Recognizing the danger to all the free people of Corwyn, Algerd answered the call and gathered his army. The Saar gave Algerd "Peacemaker," a powerful magical sword, which he wielded in the War, along with the other "Seven Champions." Algerd and the forces of the First Alliance defeated Alokkair and saved Corwyn.

As a result of his great victory, his fame and popularity grew and within a few years, all three Thaldain ethnic groups united and anointed him as their first king. Athrenar named his kingdom "Thalar," ordered Frosthaven built as his citadel, and chose its location on an icy bluff overlooking his home city of Al-Enoth.

His descendants continued to sit on the Crystal Throne for 799 years. Tragically, the Dynasty ended in the year 825/4, when the entire Kingdom was destroyed by the Storm of the North.

The Baranov Rulers of Thalar

Algerd 27-42/4*
Edgerd 52-76/4
Sergius 76-95/4
Valeria 95-122/4
Eldard 122-154/4
Ilarion 154-169/4
Leland 169-189/4
Nadya 189-210/4
Demetrius 210-227/4
Xenia 227-250/4
Briand 250-271/4
Leovard 271-287/4
Arkady 287-307/4


Urland 307-324/4
Algerd II 324-339/4
Ilarion II 339-361/4
Roland 361-379/4
Eldard II 379-401/4
Valeria II 401-424/4
Mariya 424-443/4
Arkady II 443-465/4
Augustine 465-467/4 †
Constantine 467-492/4
Eldard III 492-508/4
Roland II 508-509/4 †
Evander 509/4 †
Elvanna 509-513/4 †
Gavril 513-534/4
Roland II 534-552/4
Darien 552-564/4 †
Edgerd II 564-601/4
Leovard II 601-626/4 †
Algerd III 626-660/4
Nadya II 660-685/4
Gregor 711-731/4
Boris 731-759/4
Tatiana 759-775/4
Ilarion III 775-789/4
Anastasia 789-803/4
Zokhar 803-817/4
Katarina 817-824/4 †
Edgerd III 824-825/4 †**