King Marothor Vraiken "The Magnificent"

(785-1079/3) Marothor Vraiken; commonly known as "Marothor the Magnificent," was a famous Dwarf-king of Orrek.

Marothor, who was of the Vraiken Clan, assumed the Anvil Throne of Orrek in 935/4, after Arvegorn the Barren-King died without an heir and the Kronehelm line ended. Marothor inherited a troubled Dwarf-realm in dark times. During his reign there were many goblin raids in the north which he had to suppress, and Kronar; the great Dwarf-realm of the south, fell to an orc army in 1079/4.

Because of a long illness, Marothor was unable to aid his southern brethren, and the northern dwarves entered a sad, new period of decline. It is said that upon hearing news of the destruction of Krone Feyr, Marothor was overcome with grief and died within a few months.