Called either "Ra" or "Amun-Ra" by the ancient Shorafi; Marzok is the all-powerful Sun-God of the Vilzari people.

In Vilzari mythology, Marzok is the older brother of Velok; the Vilzari Moon-God. As the master of the sun, Marzok is also the Vilzari patron deity of fire, stone, and the desert. His followers are devout priests, who wear bright red robes, and hoods.

The Sun-God is seen by the Vilzari as a harsh and cruel taskmaster, and most prefer to worship his more merciful brother Velok, who cools his brother’s temper every evening and gives the Vilzari people a respite from the oppressive heat.

In ancient Shorafa, Marzok was called "Ra" by its people. He had a daughter named Sekhmet; a feline goddess with a horrifying reputation for drinking blood.