Emperor Mazur Kharata; "Mazur the Destroyer"

Emperor Mazur Kharata was the 13th ruler of the Eloysian Empire, who reigned on the Jade Throne between the years AR 220 to AR 245.

Mazur was infamous as a military conqueror; his unquenchable thirst for conquest and destruction were without equal in the history of Azoria. In his first major campaign after assuming the imperial throne, Emperor Mazur conquered the City-State of Na'Jath in the year AR 228. As testament to his cruelty; even after the Overlord of Na'Jath surrendered his city and opened its gates to the Eloysian army, Mazur ordered the city raped and pillaged anyway.

In the year AR 237, Emperor Mazur gained the dark moniker "Mazur the Destroyer," when he invaded the neighboring realm of Sha'Dur. This brutal conflict came to be called the War of Black Flame, and cost hundreds of thousands of lives. That war ended with the complete destruction of the Shadurian cities of Garuda and Nas'Krii.

The Destruction of Sha'Dur

Emperor Mazur is known as "the Destroyer" because of his ruthless military campaign against the nation of Sha'Dur which began in the year AR 237. It is unknown exactly why Mazur chose to destroy Sha'Dur, which had been a long-time ally, but several theories have been put forth by sages.

The first theory involves Mazur's childhood resentment of his tutor. As had been tradition for centuries; as a child, young prince Mazur had a Shadurian tutor named Bakir, who was sent from the Prestige Academies of Garuda to tutor the young prince. It is recorded that Mazur intensely disliked his tutor, whom he found arrogant and condescending. His hatred of his Shadurian tutor may have been a factor in his decision to invade Sha'Dur and destroy both its major cities—Garuda and Nas'Krii.

Another theory is that Mazur was in league with a group of treacherous Rakshasa, who convinced him to destroy Sha'Dur. The Rakshasa had been magically bred by the Iridescent Order to serve as slaves. Because of this, Rakshasa had long held a deep hatred for the Shadurians.

Finally, a theory exists that Emperor Mazur discovered the Shadurian were secretly worshipping mysterious alien creatures called the "Spell-Weavers." The Emperor believed these creatures a deadly threat to all mortal races and may have decided to invade to end that alliance permanently.