The Melanthir; sometimes called the "Guardian-Stones," were seven powerful artifacts created by the Council of Sorcerë and given to the seven champions of the West.

The Council of Sorcerë crafted the seven Melanthir as master work longswords, each encrusted with a pale blue gem in their hilts. When in battle, the blades of these magic-infused swords would glow a bright, pale blue

The Council originally desired to give one Melanthir sword to each of the seven races of men, but the Vaas people were deemed unfit, so instead the vain race of Thann received two Melanthir.

In the year 1174/3, the Saar distributed and named the seven magical swords as follows:


Over the centuries, wars and other conflicts caused four of the great swords to be lost.

  • Second to be lost was Darkslayer; lost when King Malenvar Sanborn III was lost at sea in 1244/4 during the Battle of Rastios; the sword going down with the king and his ship.
  • Third to be lost was Equalizer; lost in 1257/4 when King Hagar Durethë II of Eldara was slain in a Vilzari ambush and the weapon carried off to An-Khara as booty.
  • Fourth and last to be lost was Avenger; lost in 625/5 when the young Rynnish king Elrovar Myrnäe III was slain by the Zûl at the Battle of Harkalad. Elrovar’s sword was carried off by the Zûl, and given to Sorimmar as a war prize.

Today; the remaining three Melanthir swords continue to be wielded by Royal Houses in the west as heirlooms of their kingdoms: