King Meleraf Ekryie

Meleraf Ekryie was the first High-Elf ruler of the southern forest realm of Melinarë, the founder of the House of Ekryie, and one of three elven leaders of the Sundering.

After the destruction of the great Elf-realm of Ectharë in the War of Wrath, Meleraf assumed the throne of the new southern elven -realm of Melinarë in 1541/2. Meleraf was one of the original High-Elves of Corwyn.

In the year 252 of the Third Age, when the Saar were threatened by Alokkair, Meleraf answered the call for aid from the Council of Sorcerë. He marched east from Astrakan with a large army of High-Elves to do battle on the slopes of Mount. Orendren. Sadly, he was was slain there, during the Battle of Orgorod.

Meleraf was succeeded on the Adamantine Throne by his son Ainuraf, who continued the House of Ekryie.