King Melgathor Vraiken "The Mighty"

(920-1197/6) Melgathor Vraiken; commonly known as "The Mighty" was a famous Dwarf-King of Orrek who, in the early days of the last Goblin War, led a band of three-hundred dwarvish warriors against an orc army of over ten-thousand, deep beneath the Axehead Mountains.

This struggle came to be known as the Battle of Bloody Mountain. After eight terrible days of fighting, every last dwarf, including King Melgathor was slain, as well as over five thousand orcs. This heroic stand was an inspiration for all dwarves and greatly heightened the stature of the Vraiken Clan. After Melgathor’s death, the throne of Orrek was assumed by King Andrathor, who still rules the Dwarves today.