Menzoberranzen is the largest and most powerful of the Drow city-states of the Underdark.

Menzoberranzen was the earliest known Underdark settlement of the Dark-Elves. Over 5,000 years ago in the Second Age, the city was first founded by Drow explorers. It must be remembered that at this time, the War of Wrath was raging on the surface of Corwyn, and the Dark-Elves may have intended the underground settlement as a small colony, or even a protected sanctuary should the war turn against them. After the War of Wrath ended in the year 1541 of the Second Age, the defeated Drow were driven underground by the surface elves, and Menzoberranzen quickly grew in size and importance. Over the last five millennia, the city has grown into a huge metropolis, with a population of over 100,000.

Over the centuries following their defeat in the War of Wrath, the Drow splintered into many different factions, each one centered around a city or other small territory of the Underdark. Menzoberranzen became the strongest of these factions, and remains so today.