Mercanes are a species of extra-planar merchants that deal in powerful magical items, advanced technology, and general magic.

The origins and history of the Mercane race is opaque. All that is known is that they are highly enterprising merchants, reliable as far as coin is concerned. It is also commonly known that contrary to their large stature, Mercanes are not aggressive or warlike in any way. Mercanes appear as thin blue humanoids; averaging about 9-feet tall. These creatures have yellow eyes, and long spidery fingers that have an extra joint in them. They dress in exquisite, ornate robes, togas, and other loose-fitting clothes; often garishly adorned with valuable, magical trinkets.

Mysterious merchants of all things magical, Mercanes prefer to bargain and haggle rather than to fight, but because they wander the planes seeking and trading magical goods, they typically travel with an entourage of hired bodyguards. If pressed, Mercanes are capable of defending themselves, and often carry masterwork Large falchions. Yet these weapons are primarily for show, as Mercanes prefer to let their bodyguards deal with violent opponents. If a situation turns ugly, Mercanes typically use their magical abilities to flee, abandoning their hirelings if necessary.

Mercanes are known throughout the planes as traders in magical items. Each has a secret chest filled with wares stashed away, ready to be pulled out when it’s time to haggle and close a deal (or to bribe a potential obstacle). Mercanes are therefore not easily robbed, and they only surrender the contents of a secret chest when they have no other choice. Mercanes have no interest in mundane goods, no matter how fine or rare. Only magical objects earn their attention and their coin. They’re known for driving hard, but fair, bargains, and for hiring adventurers from time to time to recover certain goods of interest for a fair price. Although they are not particularly brave, they hold contracts sacrosanct and keep their agreements.

Rumors and legends abound as to the origins of the Mercanes and their reasons for seeking out and buying magical items. Their homeland and origins are completely unknown, and they have wandered between worlds for as long as any can recall. Legends have it; the Mercanes feed on the magic items they acquire, or even need them in order to reproduce. There are also tales of a war in a far corner of the planes, with the Mercanes serving the roles of arms merchants, aggressors, or defenders, depending on who tells the story.