Sasserine: Merchant District (Fairmarket)

Commonly called "Fairmarket," by locals; Sasserine’s heart, and perhaps even its soul, is lodged firmly in Merchant District. The first district most visitors reach, it’s often the only one they need ever explore. Merchant District shops run the gamut from simple grocers to specialized buildings like potion emporiums, dagger sellers, exotic pet dealers, and magic item bazaars.

The Merchant District's representative on the Dawn Council is the noble House of Arabani. Lady Anwyn Arabani is an eccentric noblewoman who has a strange fascination with Drow, and even claims to have Drow ancestors (although her relatively pale skin would indicate otherwise). She’s quite popular, as she goes above and beyond to ensure the people of Merchant District have fair representation in the Dawn Council. She entertains many suitors, but has yet to settle on a single person to share her estate. Most locals here worship Ethenghar.


If you’re from Merchant District, you could be from anywhere. You may have grown up in Sasserine, or you might have only recently come to the city on the decks of a ship from anywhere else in the world, in which case your reasons for staying can be as varied as your actual homeland. You probably worship Ethenghar; the God of Merchants, or perhaps, Myrival Goddess of the Sea. Natives of Merchant District likely come from merchant families, or grew up the children of innkeepers or bartenders. You’re probably a very social creature, and the thought of isolation or the natural world fills you with nervous fear.

Notable NPCs:

Alma Telvanta, Anwyn Arabani, Blisker Tittertop, Dhalven Miomar, Lavinia Vanderboren, Lirali Wyndom, Osrem Khelek, Velkander Torgeson, Vanthus Vanderboren



Merchant’s Tongue [General] Growing up around the merchants of this district made you glib and gave you a keen eye for value.

Benefit: You have already made quite a bit of money, and have a knack for making more. If you take this feat at 1st level, you gain a one-time bonus of 300 gp to your starting cash. In addition, whenever you sell an object, you can make an opposed Diplomacy check to automatically sell an object for 5% over its asking price.