(Pop: 460) Milborne is a small Erindari town, located in the Duchy of Haranshire.

Milborne is a quiet rural town, notable for its iron mines and its good agricultural land. The town is accessible via the Haranshire Road leading west to the small city of Haran, as well as a ferry service along the Churnett River to Thurmaster, where the road picks up again, heading east for Parlfray Keep and the Half-Cut Hills.

The town of Milborne is governed by Baron Darius Carman, assisted by the local Constable; Garyld.


  • Haldelar; local miller
  • Parella; Haldelar's wife and mother of Jelenneth
  • Jelenneth; daughter of Haldelar & Parella, engaged to Andren
  • Dirkaster; owner of the Baron of Mutton (tavern)
  • Andren; son of Dirkaster, engaged to Jelenneth
  • Walright; local blacksmith
  • Semeren; blacksmith's apprentice
  • Semheis; local priest, who runs temple of Karmalok
  • Rastifer; local store owner
  • Nafton; town kennel master
  • Thimpsen; owner of the Silver Crown (Inn)
  • Baron Darius Carman; Milborne's appointed ruler and owner of the Garlstone Mines
  • Cordell; aide to the Baron
  • Old Grizzler; elderly dwarf and retired miner
  • Garyld; Milborne's Constable, crippled from an old injury