The Modrani

The Modrani are a large Thannish ethnic subgroup, who make up the majority of Gwynne's population.

Modrani have similar features and customs to other Thanns. What sets them apart is their hot-tempers and suspicious nature.


In the early Third Age, ancient Modrani tribes migrated into what is today Gwynne and took up residence in a region known as the Modran Hills.

One of the earliest leaders of the Modrani people was Gareth Gwynnett, who established the Barony of Ghastonne after he conquered the city of the same name.

Lord Gareth later conquered the Ashanti city of A'Shorah, and forced its native population into exile either into the foothills of the Frostcrown Mountains, the Borderlands, or Drakhara.

In the late Third Age, the Modrani founded the cities of Kholis and Westcrown, and in the year 1298 of the Fourth Age, established the kingdom of Gwynne.