(population: 57,000) Morathad is a busy seaport in Orel, located on the northern shores of the Gulf of Alesard.

As the second largest city of Orel, Morathad is a major trading partner with Ordana and other Orellian seaports. For many centuries, the city has also been an important naval base for Orel’s war fleet.

Because Morathad is the easternmost Orellian port, it receives much land trade via caravans from Eldara, and its proximity to the Melinar Forest means the city benefits from much trade with the High-Elves of Melinarë, who travel to the city from Dhäelhar. The elves use the Melinar Road, which runs through Greenstone Pass to cross the Forlorn Mountains.

The city is also accessible via the Oramar Road; which runs north to Janos-Mol, and east to Ormath.

Morathad is currently ruled by Grand Duke Avon Verigo.