King Morgan Irazadi IV
Reign: 1215/6–present
Coronation: 9 Ambyrmont 1225/6
Predecessor: Damion VI
Heir apparent: Prince Argilac
Spouse: Queen Shireen
Issue: Argilac
Issue: Inara
Issue: Delvara
House: Irazadi Dynasty
Father: Damion VI
Born: 26 Kaldmont 1193/6
Religion: Neutral
Morgan Irazadi IV is the current ruler of the Thannish Kingdom of Eldara.

King Morgan assumed the Amethyst Throne in the year 1225/6, as the fifty-fifth ruler of the long and distinguished Irazadi Dynasty, and is considered one of the most powerful and influential political leaders on Corwyn.

King Morgan wields Hellrazor; one of the famous Elanthir swords.