King Morgan Irazadi IV
Reign: 1215/6–present
Coronation: 9 Ambyrmont 1222/6
Predecessor: Damion VI
Heir apparent: Prince Argilac
Spouse: Queen Shireen
Issue: Argilac
Issue: Inara
Issue: Delvara
House: Irazadi Dynasty
Father: Damion VI
Born: 26 Kaldmont 1193/6
Religion: Neutral
Morgan Irazadi IV is the current monarch of Eldara at the end of the Sixth Age, and one of the most powerful and influential figures on the continent of Corwyn.

King Morgan assumed the Iron Throne in the year 1215/6, as the fifty-fifth ruler of the long and distinguished Irazadi Dynasty.

King Morgan wields STORMBRINGER; one of the famous Melanthir swords.