(population: 63,000) Mori is the capitol city of Eloysian island realm of Malvatis, and the largest seaport on the Malvatian Islands.

This thriving seaport is a blur of activity with hundreds of whaling vessels coming and going at all hours of the day and night. A huge warehouse district lines the harbor, where thousands of casks of whale oil are stored for later sale. Upon a series of hills overlooking the harbor, are the many towers of the wealthy elites who own the fleets of ships.

The lower city is a foul-smelling morass of teeming sailors and merchants of every cut. The enormous city harbor is divided into four separate lagoons, each connected to the city and each other by huge wood-works and floating piers. The Lagoons also protect the anchored ships from the unstable weather of the Vhan Myr.

Mori is one of the great seaports of Oris. At any time, as many as 500 assorted merchant vessels from Al' Kethai, Ilsenene, Orel, Rhaygos, Styr, the Seven Cities of Brass, and Yamada can be found in the vast Malvat Harbor.