King Morland Norax

(Reign: 1209-1230/6 †) Norax was a ruthless king of Marundi, who spent much of his reign invading the Northern Wastes and slaughtering Hüornen tribes that dwelt there. These raids ultimately caused the disastrous Winter War.

When Morland Norax continued to raid the northern Hüornen settlements, their people finally rose up against his tyranny. This uprising came to be called the "Winter War." In the year 1230/6, a great Hüornen war chief named Sicard led a rebellion against Marundi that cost many thousands of lives. At the climactic battle of the Frozen Ford, Sicard was slain, but not before killing King Morland and his two eldest sons.

Morland was succeeded by his fifteen year-old young son; Briand II.