King Morland Uzren II

Morland Uzren II was the sixteenth and last ruler of Marundi from the Uzren Dynasty.

Despite the official histories, it has always been whispered that King Morland was actually overthrown by House Norax.

The official histories claim Morland was slain in the year 989/6, while on a heroic quest to destroy an evil presence at Sol-Kathad.

However, it is known that Berand Norax himself strongly urged the young king to take on the quest, and what really transpired out in the Northern Wastes is anyone's guess.

Moreover, Lord Berand returned alive from the quest, bearing a royal proclamation that gave his family the rights of succession to the Bearclaw Throne.

Berand had everything to gain in the death of the king, and there were no witnesses to what occurred, other than Berand himself and a handful of loyal knights and servants.

Since Morland had no heirs, he was succeeded by King Berand Norax, whose descendants still rule Marundi today.