King Myonen Alomir

Rynnish noble lord who served the Ravinian Empire during the final years before its destruction. Myonen and his army were crucial to the victory at Harkalad and the final campaign to rid the West of invaders. In return for its loyalty and heroism, the Alomir Household was granted stewardship over the kingdom of Alveron. Myonen swore to protect the West at any cost. To do this, he ordered Castle Myrdon rebuilt, as well as the great city of Arynäe, which he renamed Alenthas. The legacy of the first Alomir king was that Alveron became one of the greatest military powers in West Corwyn, and never ceased its vigilance toward the East. Myonen assumed the throne of Alveron in 625/5. Myonen was the first monarch of the Alomir Dynasty.