Myr Thalal

The Myr Thalal is also commonly known as the ‘Cold Sea.’ This northwest body of water is cold and harsh, but in summer months, many ships venture across it to reach the seaports on the northern coast of Orrek, in search of rich dwarvish crafts to sell to the human civilizations of Corwyn.

In the winter months, the great northwest ocean off Corwyn freezes completely solid for three months, and is completely impassable by ship. In the spring and autumn months, the waters are plagued by many icebergs. However, intrepid merchants annually hire dozens of sled caravans to cross the ice and carry their goods to and fro between the scattered dwarvish and human coastal settlements. It is also only in the deep winter months that the Hüornen Variags of the Thalar Islands are prevented from their raiding; much to the relief of coastal peoples of Ammarind, Cyrendar, Derianor, Marundi, Orrek, and the Barrens.