Myrmidons were powerful officers serving in the military of the lost Eloysian Empire. Racially, most Myrmidons were Rakshasa, but others were human.

The Myrmidons were completely loyal to the emperors in Sanjakar. Many of the Myrmidons were ordered put to death by the last Eloysian Emperor; Xion the Mad.

Originally, the term "Myrmidons" was the name given by the Shadurians to Eloysian mercenary soldiers, who were hired by the Realm of Sha'Dur in their wars against the Serpent-Folk of Nagendra.

Later, as the Eloysians grew into a great power, the term was used for high officers who led the Imperial Eloysian Armies. After centuries of Eloysian Emperors using Rakshasa, the term became synonymous with that hybrid race.