Mystwood is a huge, dark forest that encompasses the eastern third of the Northlands, west of the Saugreth-Muir Mountains. It is located east of the Pale.

Mystwood was once a shining elvish civilization called the Silvarwood; now it is a cursed and haunted place of fear and dread. For years the woodland was home to the realm of the Wood-Elves of Corwyn, who built a great civilization deep within the forest, and also upheld their solemn oath to keep vigil on the East and on the activities of Alokkair.

Because he was aware that the Wood-Elves kept vigil upon him, Alokkair plotted against them and ultimately destroyed their homeland. When he did so, the entire forest became a cursed place, and even today, only the strong-hearted enter there willingly. Reports of demons, undead spirits, and bands of orcs, trolls, and other creatures have made Mystwood one of the most feared regions in western Corwyn.


Today, bands of orcs from Morgoth freely cross the Saugreth-Muir through several secluded passes, and launch bloody raids on settlements located in the Pale. The forest is still home to several tribes of Wild-Elves, who try to keep the evil forces at bay