City-State of Na'Jath

Capital: Na'Jath
Total Population: 84,000 (65% Na-Ja, 25% Eloysian, 8% Verassi, 2% other)
City Population: 69,000 (living within the walls)
Current Leader: Princess Irulan Tu'unneo
Coat of Arms: one large star, surrounded by keys & daggers on black & red field
Exports: spices, gold, silver, artwork, textiles, fragrances, timber

Located in western Azoria, along the shores of the Volaro Gulf, Na'Jath is a large and powerful City-State.

Today, the city is thriving with art, culture, and rich exports of precious metals from the mines located in the hills east of the city. It is considered one of the grandest cities on the Continent.

Most of Na'Jath's wealth derives from its location as a great seaport. Its large, secluded harbor is always filled with hundreds of ships from all Seven Cities of Bronze, Sasserine, Shard, Stonehaven, Syrene, Tar Vielca, and Vanzali.


Local History

Long ago, this city was first established by human tribes called the Na-Ja, who migrated south to escape from the clutches of the hated Serpent-Folk.

The city grew and remained independent for many centuries, until the rise of the Eloysians.

Na'Jath was eventually invaded by the Eloysian Empire. In the year AR 228, the Eloysian Emperor Mazur the Destroyer invaded the city-state territory and conquered it completely.

In a futile attempt to save their culture and citizens from being massacred, the Overlord of Na'Jath opened his gates to the Eloysian invaders and surrendered peacefully.

But Emperor Mazur was a cruel man, and ordered the city raped and pillaged anyway. For over a thousand years, the city was ruled by a series of Imperial governors called Hamanids.

After the fall of the Eloysian Empire, Na'Jath declared itself an independent city-state, and has remained so ever since, but has never again been a great power.