Known as the "Scourge of the Demonskar," the "General of the Abyssal Hordes," and the "Arch-enemy of Surabar Spellmason;" Nabthatoron was a powerful Glabrezu demon formerly in the service of the Demon Lord Yeenoghu.

When Surabar the Spellmason first founded Redgorge, the foothills in which he chose to build his settlement were overrun with hundreds and thousands of cruel, savage gnolls. Well aware that the gnolls were loyal worshipers of their demonic patron, Surabar led a number of military actions against nearby gnoll villages, slaying many and forcing the rest to flee into the jungle. So skilled were Surabar and his companions that the gnolls stood little chance, and they were quickly forced into the overgrown jungle lowlands where their numbers rapidly dwindled.

All of this angered Yeenoghu, and when his priests among the gnolls cried out for a champion, he dispatched one of his fiercest warriors, the Glabrezu Nabthatoron. Nabthatoron knew that he could not defeat Surabar the Spellmason and all his followers alone, but he also knew that the crater known today as the Demonskar was host to all manner of extraplanar monsters. Nabthatoron quickly established his dominance over the lesser demons, raised up a mighty abyssal horde, and assaulted Redgorge. The forces of Nabtharorn and Surabar battled for several years all across the region before, finally, Nabthatoron led his demonic horde to besiege Redgorge itself. As the two forces battled, Nabthatoron and Surabar fought atop the walls of Redgorge where all could see.

The fight was close to even, but unbeknownst to Nabthatoron, the Celestial Choir had been observing events with growing concern, and eventually they had decided to allow the area's guardian, an angel named Nidrama, to grant Surabar a boon that would enable him to defeat Nabthatoron when all else failed - the holy staff Alakast. Badly wounded, Surabar Spellmason struck Nabthatoron with Alakast, and the power of the weapon nearly unmade the already wounded demon. Abandoning the battle, Nabthatoron teleported to safety, and seeing their lord defeated, the demons of the Demonskar routed, returning to the ruins where they made their home.

Suffering such a humiliating defeat to a mortal effectively destroyed Nabthatoron's credibility. The demons of the Demonskar would not follow one who had failed, and Yeenoghu himself was disgusted by his thrall's cowardice to the point that he banished him from the Abyss. It is said that only by razing Redgorge to the ground can Nabthatoron regain his lord's favor, but without the credibility to lead another horde against the town, Nabthatoron has thus far not been seen in over a hundred years. Many scholars believe that he waits still in the Demonskar, brooding and planning ways to accomplish his objectives.