Known as the "Scourge of the Demonskar," Nabthatoron was a powerful Demon-Lord.

Nabthatoron was an ancient and powerful demon who, for thousands of years, resided deep within a crater known as the "Demonskar." It is unknown why this demon-lord dwelt there, but during his long stay, he attracted thousands of Gnoll followers, who were fiercely loyal and obedient to him.

When Surabar the Spellmason first founded Redgorge nearly 800 years ago, the foothills in which he chose to build his settlement were overrun with tribes of these cruel, savage gnolls. Nabthatoron soon urged his minions to destroy the human colonists.

Surabar and his companions launched a successful military campaign against the gnolls, slaying many and forcing the rest to flee into the Sanjaara Jungle.

This defeat enraged Nabthatoron, who then raised up a mighty horde of his fellow demons, and besieged the fledgling human settlement. As the two forces battled, Nabthatoron and Surabar fought each other atop the walls of Redgorge, and Surabar was the victor.

When the demonic army saw Nabthatoron defeated by Surabar, they fled back into the crater from whence they came and Redgorge was spared.

Legend has it; an angel named Nidrama, granted Surabar a powerful magical weapon called "Alakast," that enabled him to defeat Nabthatoron and drive him back into his crater forever.