Lost Realm of Nagendra

Nagendra was the infamous "Serpent Kingdom," that once controlled much of the continent of Azoria.

Its capital was the city of S'serrak. The Serpent-Folk of Nagendra even expanded across the Shining Sea, establishing a temple on the Serpent's Teeth Islands.

The Reptilian masters of Nagendra enslaved thousands of Kunda tribes, Troglodytes, and Tasloi to expand their empire, and at one time controlled much of the Sanjaara Jungle. The only two human civilizations they encountered that successfully resisted them were the ancient realms of Sha'Dur and Eloysia.

The Empire of Nagendra was destroyed thousands of years ago by King Tilvanos of Eloysia after the long and bloody Venom Wars.

Today, the capital city of Nagendra is nothing more than an overgrown ruin.