Battle of Naracen

Naracen was the site of two different battles; the first of which took place in the year 583/4 and the second in the year 248/6.

First Battle During the Fourth Vilzari War

The first battle was fought between the Ravinian Empire and an invading army of Vilzari. The Ravinians soundly defeated the Vilzari, captured their leader; King T’Kar T’Reth, and brought the Fourth Vilzari War to an end.

However, the cost of the battle to the Empire was grave indeed; with two-thirds of their combined northern and southern armies slain. Because of these heavy losses, the Empire was unable to properly defend itself from Sorimmar’s invasion a few decades later. The Vilzari King; T’Kar T’Reth, was later tried and executed at Castle Myrdon for war crimes.

Second Battle During the Desert War

The second battle was fought between the kingdom of Eldara and the Vilzari, which ended the Desert War. During this battle, Eldara’s campaign to secure her southern border came to a successful conclusion. After this defeat, the Vilzari did not pose a real military threat to Eldara until the War of Crows.