King Narmacil Redmond

Narmacil Redmond was the doomed, final ruler of the Ancient Cynaran kingdom of Urland, and the last of his proud line.

For over three centuries, Narmacil and his ancestors ruled Urland; a powerful and influential kingdom that controlled not only the Isle of Cynara, but much of what is today northern Iskandar and most of the Eastvale region of the Highlands. Narmacil's rule extended as far east as the Vryne River and the settlement of what was then called Stonebridge.

Ironically, in the year 1137/3; the very same year that Ilnavel Cyrenäe landed at Wyn Falas, Narmacil completed Castle Redmond; a great fortress built in the southern foothills of the Crystalpeak Mountains. For the next forty years, he waged a desperate war against the Iskari invaders. This war ended with his death during the Battle of Swanford in 1171/3.

After that defeat, King Narmacil's surviving followers bent the knee, and became forever known as the "Kings Without a Crown."

Today, the House of Redmond remains a powerful Cynaran noble family loyal to the realm of Iskandar, and Castle Redmond stands as a legacy to the power once held by the lost kingdom of Urland.