King Narmacil Redmond

The doomed ruler of the Ancient Cynaran kingdom of Urland, and the last of his proud line. Narmacil and his ancestors had built a powerful and influential realm that controlled not only the Isle of Cynara, but much of what is today northern Cyrendar and most of present-day Derianor. Ironically, in 1137/3, Narmacil completed Castle Redmond; a great fortress built in the southern foothills of the Crystalpeak Mountains the very same year that Ilnavel Cyrenäe landed at Wyn Falas.

For the next forty years, he waged a desperate war against the Iskari invaders, until his death in 1171/3, during the Battle of Swanford. After that defeat, King Narmacil's surviving followers bent the knee, and became forever known as the "Kings Without a Crown."

Even today, the House Redmond is a powerful Cynaran noble family in the realm of Cyrendar, and Castle Redmond stands as a legacy to the power of the lost kingdom of Urland.