Narrow Isle

Called "Qui’ Alai Noritas" by the Eloysians, Narrow Isle is located off the west coast of Azoria, within the southern Wyn Myr Ocean.

This enormous island is home to a large and thriving population and the City-state of Tar Vielca. Once Narrow Isle was an important colony of the Eloysian Empire, but its civilization and culture was a hybrid of Vilzari, Ralani, and Eloysian cultures and traditions.

The Corsairs of Tar Vielca have always been a fierce and aggressive people. What they couldn’t build or create, they simply took from others. The City-State has long been associated with piracy, where it is not a crime but rather an honor to steal and pillage from others.

Tar Vielcan pirates and raider ships are notorious in the sea lanes of the Sea of Ralas and the Wyn Myr. But the legendary seamanship of these copper-skinned pirates is just as famous.

The ships of Tar Vielca are distinguishable by their black painted hulls and black sails, emblazoned with a large green metallic sea-monster.

It is said that Shah Khofhar Sateri, the current ruler of Tar Vielca, has a force of over 250 Corsair vessels at his disposal, and an army of nearly 50,000 men under his command.

The coat of arms of Narrow Isle consists of a green fish on a black field.