Battle of Naskan Bay

(1264/4) Naskan Bay was the site of a pivotal land and sea-battle which ended Rygar’s War.

It was here, that a small Orellian army of 10,000 men, and 1,000 hired Kreskan Archers, led by King Rygar Alesard, held off a large Thûlian invasion and saved the kingdom.

At that time, Orel's land forces were already very weak because most of their armies were far to the south fighting against the Vilzari in the Incursion Wars. Rygar bolstered his meager army with the famous Kreskan Archers, and prepared for the invasion.

As the Thûlian invaders began coming ashore, they were pelted with a "rain" of deadly black arrows while still on the beach; about 5,000 were killed before ever seeing an Orellian soldier. Then Rygar's army charged their disorganized ranks and slaughtered the remainder in the bloody red surf.

As many as 20,000 Thûlians were slain once ashore; only a few hundred were taken alive because of the fierce hatred between Orel and Thûle. to make matters worse; the invaders could not retreat, because the Orellian navy was annihilating the Thûlian fleet off shore.

At this same time the Orellian navy struck a terrible blow against the Thûlian fleet. Over 35,000 Thûlian soldiers and sailors drowned when their invasion fleet was annihilated by the navy of Orel. It remains one of the greatest naval victories in Orellian history, and literally saved the Kingdom from being conquered by Thûle. With this resounding defeat at sea and on land, Thûle soon sued for peace with Orel.