(population: 54,000) Natharos is a large, thriving seaport and the second largest city in Cyrendar; located along the Iron Coast of Westvale Island.

Natharos is located in far eastern Cyrendar, at the eastern edge of the Thistlewood on the coast of the Iron Sea. The city is built upon a series of cliffs and stony crags, giving it a most formidable appearance. The name of the city derives from its roots as an early Ralani seaport, but it is now part of modern day Cyrendar. The city is vital to the sea trade of Elyria, Cyrendar, and Serathyr. Many ships sail north up the Iron Sea from the Sea of Ralas, and the Cyrendari navy has a large base here as well. There is a popular ferry service across the Iron Sea to the Elyrian city of Pike’s Ferry.

Natharos is also a world-famous seaport, serving hundreds of merchant vessels from the cities of: Alarë, Elsareth, Freeport, Kingsport, Pikes Ferry, Rastios, Sathay, Sasserine, the Seven Cities of Brass, Shard, Tymor, and Wyn Falas.

The city of Natharos is currently governed by Duke Santagar Harrow.