(population: 54,000) Located along the Iron Coast of Westvale Island, Natharos is a massive seaport and the second largest city in Iskandar.

Situated at the eastern edge of the Thistlewood on the coast of the Iron Sea. Natharos is built upon a series of cliffs and stony crags, giving it a most formidable appearance.

The name of the city derives from its roots as an early Ralani seaport, but the city has been ruled by the Iskari for many centuries.

The city is vital to the sea trade of Elyria, Iskandar, and Serathyr. Many ships sail north up the Iron Sea from the Sea of Ralas, and the Iskari navy has a large base here as well. There is a popular ferry service across the Iron Sea to the Elyrian city of Pike’s Ferry.

Natharos is a world-famous seaport, serving hundreds of merchant vessels from the cities of: Akros, Elsareth, Freeport, Kingsport, Pikes Ferry, Rastios, Sathay, Sasserine, the Seven Cities of Bronze, Shard, Tymor, and Wyn Falas.

The city of Natharos is currently governed by Duke Santagar Harrow, who also rules the surrounding Duchy of Everlon.

Local History

Back in the early Third Age, this city was founded by Ralani explorers from the "Nathari" Tribe, who sailed across the Iron Sea in the century after the Great Rift, and established a small community there. Within two centuries, the Ralani seaport of Natharos had grown to a population of roughly 10,000.

By the mid-Third Age, the city of Natharos was captured by the fierce Cynarans, after a long and bitter campaign. The Cynaran conquerors later designated the city the seat of Everlon, the largest and wealthiest Thaindom in Urland. For many years thereafter, Everlon was called the "brightest jewel in the crown" by the Kings back in Erôn-Khorlöth.

When Ilnavel Cyrenäe and his Iskari defeated the Cynarans in the Forty-Years War, the city was captured once again and became a regional capital of the newly-established Kingdom of Iskandar. Kennard, the last Cynaran Thain of Everlon was slain and replaced by Duke Idarius Harrow, whose family has ruled the city ever since.

The city has remained governed by its Iskari overlords, and become one of the greatest ports on Corwyn. Even today, there is a distinct ethnic Ralani minority within the city walls.