Navarrë Dynasty

The descendants of King Iscar, who assumed the Onyx Throne of Cyrendar in 392/6, after the abdication of King Irovar Esfarë II, who sailed off the continent of Corwyn in search of the lost Iskari Empire. The Navarrë family ruled Cyrendar for 283 years and thirteen monarchs sat on the Onyx Throne at Erôn-Wyntharë. The Navarre Dynasty ended in 674/6, when King Ilathrin II was slain during the Battle of Krell and was succeeded by King Istavar Brevald.

The thirteen Navarrë monarchs of Cyrendar are listed below:

Iscar 392-407/6 *
Ilmaren 407-419/6 †
Irithar 419-436/6
Ilathrin 436-467/6
Ilnavel 467-485/6
Ilcandar 485-498/6
Istus 498-529/6
Izrin 529-566/6
Irovar 566-592/6
Inzaril 592-623/6
Iscar II 623-640/6
Ilcathar 640-671/6
Illathrin II 671-674/6 †**