King Nek' Var Barshem

Nek' Var Barshem was the last king of the doomed kingdom of Kerathos.

For many years, Nek'Var had ruled the Kratheri peoples of the Kratheri Peninsula. Under his reign, the kingdom of Kerathos had been both prosperous and peaceful. That period of peace ended in the year 179/4; That year King Aron Durethë of Eldara ordered his his son; Prince Daghon to lead the "Glorious Conquest;" a devastating military invasion of the Kratheri Peninsula.

At first, King Nek'Var marshaled his forces and was able to successfully resist the Thannish invaders. But over time, his inferior forces were slowly overwhelmed by Thannish superiority in numbers, tactics, and magical power.

By the year 185/4, King Nek'Var was besieged within the walls of his own city of Jareesh. For eight bloody years, the King led a heroic defense of the city; costing the Eldarans thousands of lives. Sadly, in the year 193/4, King Nek'Var was slain when the city of Jareesh finally fell. It is said that King Nek'Var and his warriors fought the Thannish invaders to the very last man.


Upon his death, the kingdom of Kerathos collapsed. Within 25 years, the entire Kratheri Peninsula had been conquered, and the once-proud Kratheri people became enslaved by their cruel Thannish masters.