Lost City of Nekrum Feyr

Nekrum Feyr was once the capital of the ancient dwarf-realm of Tor-Kazon. It is now an abandoned ruin.

In the Second Age, the dwarven city of Nekrum Feyr was founded by Thorgrim Blazingshield of the Delarkyn Clan. The dwarven city became quite wealthy from the the Tilvium mines located directly beneath its halls.

The city and the mines have been abandoned for many centuries. Today, the ruins are connected to the Catacombs beneath the city of Atharavon via a series of long and winding underground passages.


Long ago, the of Nekrum Feyr was conquered by a mercenary army of Dark-Elves, who were in league with the Illithids of Sharularen. After the Drow captured the dwarven city, its surviving population was taken as slaves by the Drow and marched down to the Illithid city, never to return.

There are dark legends about the terrible experiments conducted by the Mind-Flayer on their dwarven captives. These horrific experiments resulted in the creation of the Duergar race.