Neldrak Lorchester

Lord Neldrak Lorchester is currently the Lord of Lorchester Manor and the representative for the Champions District on the Dawn Council in Sasserine.

Lord Lorchester is the scion of an ancient noble family. The Lorchesters have been established in Sasserine since nearly the city’s foundation. In times gone by, the family divided over rights to the ruler-ship of the city of Carillon in distant Rennsfar. Most of the family moved to Sasserine to escape a political scandal.

Today, Neldrak Lorchester is the canny and scheming patriarch of his family. A worshiper of Etahr, he is well-beloved by the people of Champions District, and puts on many of the games held in the City Arena. Neldrak actively supported the Uprising of 1227/6, but secretly longs for the days when an Arch-Duke of Sasserine will rule again, and he will be the one to sit on the throne in Castle Teraknian.