Neldrak Lorchester

Representing the Champions District, Neldrak Lorchester is a member of Sasserine's Dawn Council.

Lorchester is the patriarch of an ancient, aristocratic family which has been established in Sasserine for nearly five hundred years.

Rumor has it; in the distant past, the family once ruled of the distant Rennsfari city of Carillon. The family fled to Sasserine to escape its political enemies.

Today, Neldrak is known for his constant scheming. As a worshiper of Etahr, he is well-loved by the people of Champions District, and sponsors many of the games held in the City Arena.

Lorchester actively supported the Uprising of 1227/6, but secretly longs for a day when an Arch-Duke will rule the city once again and he will be the one to rule Sasserine from Castle Teraknian.