Neolandus Dhoru

Neolandus Dhoru is the Seneschal of Castle Manticore and an important member of the Royal Court of Gwynne.

Neolandus has held his prestigious post for nearly thirty years. As a principal adviser to King Garik II; he is considered the "Man Behind the Crimson Throne," and one of the most powerful figures in the both city of Ashara and the the Kingdom of Gwynne.

Long ago, Neolandus was a senior Captain in the Gwynnish army and a childhood friend of Lady Myranda Hagen; King Garik's late, first wife.

When King Garrett died in the year 1218/6 and Garik ascended the Crimson Throne, Neolandus was named Seneschal; mostly, at the urging of the the newly-crowned Queen Myranda.

A former soldier-turned-diplomat, Neolandus has long been well-liked and respected at Court for both his integrity and unfaltering sense of fairness. For the last thirty years Neolandus has whispered in King Garik's ear; offering sage advice, suggestions, and gentle dissuasion when necessary.

It is not well known; but privately, Neolandus argued strongly against King Garik's second marriage to Ileosa, but the King refused to listen. After their wedding, it became clear to everyone at court that Neolandus' influence had been greatly diminished.

Rumor has it, Neolandus and the Royal Physician; Dr. Davalos despise each other, and the elderly Seneschal is disliked by Queen Ileosa as well.

As Royal Seneschal; Neolandus commands the Sable Company, and is close friends with its Captain; Marcus Ezrin.