Battle of Ossenfort

(38/4) Ossenfort was the site of a fierce battle which ended the Twilight War.

The battle, which was fought between warring factions loyal to Eldan and Rhodan of Valdor, was one of the largest ever fought up to that time.

Rhodan's forces were defeated and he was forced to cede over two-thirds of Valdor to his half-brother.

The Ossenfort

The Ossenfort is an ancient castle held by the House of Ossen, a venerable aristocratic family which traced its lineage back to the time of Valden the Conqueror. Lady Marilee Ossen was a close ally of King Valden, and her family has held land and title in the region ever since.

During the great battle, Lord Madric Ossen and his garrison were besieged for several months before Rhodan's forces were crushed.

Today, Grand Duke Mykal Ossen is a prominent member of the Oramar.