Home Plane: Athylon
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Magic, Protection, Rune
Portfolio: Magic, Arcane Knowledge, Sorcery, Alchemy
Worshipers Wizards, Sorcerers, Druids
Symbol: Wand
Nerydia; also known as Ivarian in the ancient Iskari culture, is Corwyn’s Goddess of Magic and Alchemy.

Nerydia is the daughter of Atanavar, The neutral God of Knowledge, and is one of the youngest of the neutral deities. Nerydia is the mistress of all magic in the world. As such, she is also the Matron-Deity of mages, wizards, sorcerers, alchemists, and thurmatologists.

Her symbol is a long slender silver Wand, from which all magical energy flows into the world of Corwyn. Neryida’s Clerics are not usually priests, but are almost all mages and sorcerers who wear deep purple robes to represent the regal and awesome power of their mistress.

Nerydia’s followers erect very few temples as that would be against the natural order, but instead worship through study of the arcane arts and devote themselves to mastery of their skills.

The art of divine magic, used by priests and clerics is controlled by a sect of Nerydia’s followers called the Warders, who serve to guard against the misuse of divine magic on Corwyn, regardless who the followers may worship.

The use of arcane magic is largely controlled by the Veiled Society, a large percentage of its members are followers of Nerydia.

One order of Priests who worship Nerydia exists solely to stamp out the wrongful use of magic. This is the powerful and much-feared Order of the Inquisitors; who seek to destroy all evil magic-users on Corwyn. To this end, these Inquisitors work closely with the Veiled Society.

As a neutral Goddess, Nerydia has no rivals.