King Nezrakar N'Kroth

Nezrakar N'Kroth is the current ruler of Vilzar at the end of the Sixth Age; he carries many titles: the "Sun-Prince," the "Hand of Marzok," the "Supreme Leader," and "Priest-King of Vilzar."

King Nezrakar rules the Vilzari people from the magnificent palace of K'Nar Marom; located in the center of the city of An-Khara. He is a powerful aristocrat and a high-ranking Priest of the Sun-God Marzok. He lives an extremely hedonistic life; with over 200 wives and concubines in his harem.

Nezrakar took control of all Vilzari tribes in the year 1242/6 and rules his people with an iron fist. This desert king is obsessed with acquiring ancient relics from the lost realm of Shorafa, and has authorized many desert excavations to do so.

One of the Priest-King's more infamous Concubines is Lady Muminofrah of Tephu.