King Nezrakar N'Kroth

Nezrakar N'Kroth is the current ruler of Vilzar at the end of the Sixth Age; he carries many titles: the "Sun-Prince," the "Hand of Velok," the "Supreme Leader," and the "Divine Priest-King."

From the magnificent palace of K'Nar Marom; located in the center of the city of An-Khara, King Nezrakar has ruled over the Vilzari people for nearly 16 years.

Nezrakar's tyrannical reign began in the year 1232/6, when he murdered his own father and seized the Vilzari Throne for himself.

As a ruler, King Nezrakar is not only a cunning aristocrat, but also a powerful cleric.

Although his hapless subjects suffer from a life of abject fear, tyranny, and hunger; Nezrakar himself lives an extremely luxurious and hedonistic life; with over 200 wives and concubines in his personal harem.

One of the Priest-King's more infamous Consorts is the Lady Muminofrah of Tephu.

Rulership Style

Today, Nezrakar rules his people with an iron fist and enforces his will with several tools at his disposal:

First, the King employs his hated secret police, called the "Savak;" whose extensive network of spies and informants, have instilled a pervasive climate of fear and mistrust among his subjects.

Second, Nezrakar commands the Order of Venhazzi; a group of devout priests and clerics who are fanatically loyal to him, and consider their King almost a living God. The Order also makes clever use of Vilzari superstitions and religious beliefs to rule over the local population.

Third, the King wields an enormous, well-trained military, which is garrisoned across the nation to swiftly put down any rebellion. Some say Nezrakar can command nearly 200,000 soldiers if need arises.

Finally, and perhaps most cruelly, Nezrakar uses hunger as a weapon against his subjects, and often withholds food shipments to areas where there is political unrest, or a rebel uprising.


Obsession with Shorafi Artifacts

Lately, Nezrakar has become increasingly obsessed with acquiring ancient relics from the lost realm of Shorafa. The Priest-King believes that some of these ancient artifacts contain secret magical powers that will grant him eternal life and keep him in permanent power.

To obtain these relics, the King has authorized many desert excavations, including an immense project to excavate the lost city of Tanif. This vast project has led to the rapid expansion of the adjacent settlement of Wati.