Wild-Elves (the Nilthyr)

The Wild-Elves of Corwyn, or "Nilthyr" in their native tongue, are a wild, barbaric offshoot of Wood-Elves.

These elves have no real home, they are wanderers and considered barbarians by the High-Elves of Melinarë. They are an offshoot of the Wood-Elves. These elves have brown or red hair, hazel, red, or brown eyes, and various shades of deep, brown skin. These elves are commonly called the Nilthyr. Wild-Elves are very rare and make up only about 4% of the elvish race.

Several tribes of Wild-Elves dwell in Mystwood; where most other elves fear to tread.

Elven legend has it; scattered tribes of Wild-Elves migrated far to the south; some made new homes in the vast deserts of the Sea of Sand and others disappeared into the dense Sanjaara Jungle on the Continent of Avokhar.

Elven sages call these Desert-Elves the "Gelthyr," and Jungle-Elves are called the "Ulthyr."