Wild-Elves (the Nil'yani)

The Wild-Elves, or "Nil'yani" in their native tongue, are one of several elven sub-races created by the Sundering.

The Nil'yani are an offshoot of the Wood-Elves. Unlike other elven sub-races, these elves have no real home. Most are wanderers and are considered barbarians by the High-Elves.


These elves are tall and lithe, with various shades of deep, brown skin. Most Nilthyr have either brown or red hair, and eyes of hazel, black, or brown.

Wild-Elves are extremely rare and make up only about 4% of the entire elvish race.

Several tribes of Wild-Elves dwell in Mystwood, while other tribes, such as the Tiri-Kitor, dwell in Elsir Vale.

Racial Variants

Elven legend has it; a few scattered tribes of Wild-Elves even migrated far to the south. Once there, they made new homes in the vast deserts of the Sea of Sand while others traveled even further south and disappeared into the dense Sanjaara Jungle on the Continent of Azoria.

Elven sages refer to these "Desert-Elves" as the "Shar'ii," and refer to the "Jungle-Elves" as the "Cha'hasi."

Culture & Society

Wild elves live in a tribal society without many of the advances available to the other elves. They rarely craft their own magical weapons and have lost the ability to use powerful magic.

There are rare cases of powerful shamans, but these are almost always female. Wild elves do retain the ceremonies and feasts often found among other elves which are occasions of joy with singing and dancing.

Hunts are occasions where each member of the tribe has his or her own particular place. Sometimes these are held on their own, and sometimes they are held as part of a larger event.

Wild elves who leave their remote homelands to become adventurers are often drawn to careers that require physical strength, much more so than is the case in other elven races. Rangers and barbarians are particularly common among warrior wild elves, though fighters are not unheard of.

Although wild elves worship the gods they are only very rarely clerics or other divine spellcasters, feeling a closer affinity to the ways of the druid or shaman.

Similarly, due to a lack of literacy or magical tradition, very few wild elves become wizards, though the path of a sorcerer is well-respected among the wild elves.

Many wild elven adventurers commonly become rangers or druids.