Capital: Syrene (population: 39,000)
Population: 657,000 (97% Nimbori, 3% other)
Demi-humans: few
Humanoids: few
Government: Matriarchal Republic
Current Leaders: 99-member Parliament (all priestesses of Ak'Tai)
Coat of Arms: silver crescent moon, and three silver stars on a purple field
Exports: potions, elixirs, fragrances, textiles, artwork, gems, grain

Nimbor is a large matriarchal nation, located on the Nimbor Islands, deep within the southern Shining Sea.

Long ago, The Nimbori people separated from their desert-dwelling kin on the mainland, and formed their own civilization, centered around the beautiful, thriving seaport of Syrene. Originally, Nimbor was ruled as a matriarchy, with powerful Queens, supported by an all-female priesthood. Today, that tradition still holds in part. Nimbor no longer is ruled by a Queen, but is theocracy. A 99-member parliament made up of female priestesses, rules the island-nation with both compassion and justice.

Most Nimbori folk are strongly religious and tend toward lives as priests and clerics, and they are also quite peaceful and friendly. The natives make a living selling their magic items, potions, elixirs and artwork, while importing gems, silk, grain, and spices.

The ships of Nimbor are distinguishable by their wonderfully carved female figures on their prows, with bright lavender sails and dark rosewood hulls.


Local History

Although, Nimbor is a small power today; in ancient times, the Nimbori founded a large Empire which held territory throughout in the Shining Sea and on mainland Corwyn.

By the Second Age, the Nimbori controlled their islands, as well as two great cities they had founded along the eastern coast of the Sea of Ralas; Nusyra and Kharmë.

These two large seaports were power-houses of mercantile trade and commerce, and brought much wealth and power to the Nimbori House of Kirilandi back in Syrene.

But this glorious period of dominance was not to last; for the Nimbori domination of the region was threatened by the rise of another power; Shorafa.

In a series of wars, the Shorafi fought the Nimbori on both land and sea, but never truly defeated them. Sadly, the success of the Nimbori against Shorafa changed for the worse with the rise of Horak; the Pharaoh of Forgotten Plagues, and his daughter Setirah; the Conquering Pharaoh.

Horak, through his High-Priest Ahriman and his Karaash-inspired Usiji Cult, used dark magical powers to unleash the Night Plague upon the Nimbori people.

The plague devastated their people to the extent that Nimbor was almost defenseless. Within a few years, Pharaoh Setirah landed her army on the shores of the Nimbor Isles, and and Queen Xolani; the last Nimbori Matriarch, was forced to surrender to the Shorafi. Thus began centuries of foreign occupation and resentment.

The Nimbori cities on the mainland were also conquered by their Shorafi masters. Nimbor may have been conquered and enslaved; but never forgave nor forgot the horrors brought upon them by the Shorafi.

Many centuries later, Nimbori agents, repaid the favor and unleashed the Plague of Madness upon Shorafa. This terrible plague, along the enormous sandstorm that destroyed the Shorafi capital city of Tanif, caused the complete collapse of Shorafa in 430/4.

Incidentally, the Nimbori cities were later re-named by their new Vilzari masters. Nusyra became the modern day city of Eto, and Kharmë became the modern day city of Vanzali.