The Nimbori

The Nimbori are the native peoples of the island nation of Nimbor.

Ethnically, Nimbori are similar in appearance to the Vilzari, but culturally, they are very different. Like their desert-dwelling neighbors, the Nimbori are fiercely religious, but their people worship Ak'Tai, the Goddess of Water.

Nimbori culture is both theocratic and matriarchal, with female priestesses ruling over society, and holding the highest social rank.

The Nimbori people are known for their strong female leaders, their religious devotion, and their superb seamanship. This prowess derives from the fact that Nimbor is an island nation and its people have sailed the seas for several millennia.

As a result, Nimbori vessels are a common sight in every great port across the world of Oris, and are easily identified with their bright lavender sails and dark rosewood hulls.