The Nolar

The Nolar were one of the nine original Vaas Clans; who originated from the Eastern Wildlands, near the Nolar Vaas. The Nolar were one of the largest of the Vaas Clans; and were originally divided into Ten Tribes.

Today, those "Ten-Tribes" are commonly referred to as the Wildfolk; the barbarian peoples of the Wildlands. One of these tribes; the notorious Melkor Tribe, gained a sinister reputation as mounted raiders and murderers who once destroyed the kingdom of Harloch. These feared, horse-riding barbarians became known as the Ravagers.

Today, the "Ten-Tribes" of the Nolar are as follows:

  • the Abernath
  • the Allards
  • the Blackadder
  • the Dalziel
  • the Gladstons
  • the Haldanes
  • the Melkor (the Ravagers)
  • the Ruthaven
  • the Sarshem
  • the Umbar