Nolar Vaas

The Nolar Vaas is a large, frigid lake located on the southern edge of the Wildlands. It is named for the Nolar; one of the nine Vaas Clans who settled along its shores thousands of years ago

The lake is bordered on the east by the Kronarwood, on the west by irondale. the Greenwood forest lies upon its southern shores.

For centuries, the lake was a source of fresh water for the cisterns of the Dwarves in their mountain hold of Urkhar; deep within the Swordpoint Mountains, and it was those dwarves who named it for the early Vaas tribes they encountered on its shores.

Today, The lake is home to many small coastal settlements of Wildfolk, who traverse the lake in small barges and galleys.

There are two large coastal settlements on the Nolar Vaas; the Freehold of Lakewood, which is located upon its eastern shores, and the Freehold of Grüenwald, which is located upon its southern shores.