Norax Dynasty

The Norax Dynasty is the current royal family of Marundi.

The House of Norax is descended from King Berand, who assumed rulership in the year 989/6, after King Morland Uzren II was slain during a failed expedition to Sol-Kathad. The family has ruled the Kingdom for 258 years and a total of eleven monarchs have sat upon the Bearclaw Throne within the great hall of Castle Obsidian.

The ancient Norax family hails from the powerful southern Marundian Duchy of Damaris, and has long been influential in Thaldain politics. The Noraxes are bitterly hated by the neighboring Sköda tribes, who have been persecuted and butchered by them for many years.

House Norax has a bloody history. King Berand was slain by orcs in 995/6, King Roland was killed by Sköda raiders in 1069/6, and King Morland was slain in the Battle of the Frozen Ford in 1230/6.

In 1111/6, King Weyand ordered annual raids into Hüornen territory, and in 1167/6, King Cerland started the disastrous Border War against Ammarind, for which he is called the "Mad-king of Marundi."

The current Norax monarch of Marundi is King Briand II.

The Norax Monarchs of Marundi

Berand 989-995/6 †
Edgerd 995-1026/6
Briand 1026-1052/6
Roland 1052-1079/6 †
Karina 1079-1102/6
Eldard 1102-1120/6
Weyand 1120-1126/6 †
Durand 1126-1158/6
Elizaveta 1158-1187/6
Berand II 1187-1208/6
Cerland 1208-1227/6
Morland 1227-1238/6 †
Briand II 1238/6-present