Norethë (Cold Harbor)

(population: 7,000) Norethë; commonly called "Cold Harbor," is a Marundian seaport, located along the Frozen Coast.

This bleak settlement is situated on the shores of the frigid, eastern shores of the Myr Thalal; an extremely very inhospitable region. Thus, the its apt nickname of ‘Cold Harbor.’

Norethë’s population is comprised mostly of fishermen and ice-cutters, but it serves a vital purpose; as a trading center between the humans of Marundi, and the dwarves of Orrek.

Because of the constant threat of raids by Variags from the Thalar Islands, The Norethë is well fortified with strong walls and tall watchtowers. It is also guarded by the weather-beaten, but well-garrisoned Winterhold Keep.

Norethë is accessible via the Krensway that leads east to Derilath, and the Herthmar Road that leads south to Athos-Sorel.

Norethë is currently governed by Baron Durand Voskov.

Local History

Norethë was founded back in the Third Age by early Thaldain settlers. The settlement was later absorbed into the ancient Kingdom of Thalar, and today, is part of Marundi.