Norethë (Cold Harbor)

(population: 7,000) Norethë; commonly called "Cold Harbor," is an important northern seaport in far western Marundi, located on the Myr Thalal coast.

This small seaport lies at the western foothills of the Ironrock Mountains and is a vital link between the humans of Marundi, the dwarves of Orrek, and the western kingdom of Cyrendar. The location of the village is very inhospitable, and the city’s nickname is aptly, ‘Cold Harbor.’

Norethë’s population is mostly comprised of fishermen, traders, ice-cutters, and other merchants.

Because of the constant threat of raids by Variags from the Thalar Islands, The village itself is well fortified, with tall walls and watchtowers. It is also guarded by the weather-beaten, but well-garrisoned Winterhold Keep.

Norethë is accessible via the Derilath Road that leads east to Derilath, and the Herthmar Road that leads south to Athos-Sorel.

Norethë is currently governed by Baron Durand Voskov.