Northern Peninsula

The Northern Peninsula is a gigantic land mass located in far-northern Corwyn which encompasses both the Northern Wastes and the Kingdom of Marundi.

The Peninsula stretches north from the Ironrock Mountains, and is surrounded on three sides by water. To the North, lies the frigid waters of Nürn Myr, to the east lies the Frozen Gulf, and to the west lies the Athlan Myr.

The entire region is plagued with fierce weather, deadly natural predators, and fearsome ice wraiths who prowl the snowbanks during the long night hours here. As a consequence, the peninsula is scarcely populated. The two human ethnic groups native to the region are the Thaldain and Sköda.

Regional History

The Northern Peninsula has a long and storied past, stretching back thousands of years into the late Third Age, when various migratory groups of humans first began to populate the region. Collectively, these peoples were known as the "Thaldain," and there were three different groups;

  • the Khor-lann; who dwelt in the eastern region of the Peninsula, and later migrated east into the Khorlann Steppes and founded Khorlanis
  • the Sköda; who dwelt in the northern region of the Peninsula, and founded the city of Al-Enoth
  • the Ruendi; who dwelt in the southern regions of the Peninsula, and founded the city of Derilath.

Establishment of the Kingdom of Thalar

By the end of the Third Age, the Gerathi Clan was the strongest of the Thaldain ethnic groups. Led by their chieftain; Algerd Baranov, these people founded the ancient Kingdom of Thalar, and Algerd later claimed the abandoned elvish fortress of Sol-Kathad.

The Storm of the North

The Kingdom of Thalar continued to prosper for many centuries under the rule of the Marothë Dynasty. But a terrible event called "Storm of the North," destroyed the kingdom and laid waste to the the entire region, engulfing the city of Al-Enoth, and leaving much of the Northern Peninsula completely uninhabitable.

The exact causes of this 40-year winter storm are still unknown. Some sages say it was the Dark-elves or the sorcery of Alokkair. Other sages claim it was Baba Yaga, while others claim it was simply a natural disaster.

The Dark Times

For centuries after the fall of Thalar, the entire Northern Peninsula fell into a state of complete anarchy; with local baronies and strongholds constantly warring with each other over territory and natural resources The Thaldain people suffered greatly in these years, and the region was filled with misery, poverty, suffering, and death.

The War of the Frozen Snow

In the early Fifth Age, Empress Ravinia chose Lord Kren Alaghon to launch a military campaign to bring order to the North and unite the bickering Thaldain tribes. The fighting lasted twenty years, but in the end, Kren was victorious and the Kingdom of Marundi was established. Kren's primary antagonist during this period was a rival Lord named Vorland Drax.

The Kingdom of Marundi is Established

Kren's successful campaign led to the creation of Marundi. Kren originally hailed from the Ruendi Clan, and his territory was called "Mar-Ruendi." Empress Ravinia later shortened the name to "Marundi," and the kingdom has retained the name up until the present day.