Northern Peninsula

The Northern Peninsula is essentially a large land mass north of the continent of Corwyn that encompasses both the Northern Wastes and the realm of Marundi.

The term refers to the entire land mass north of the Ironrock Mountains, the northern coast of the Athlan Myr, and the northern foothills of the Warlock Mountains. The peninsula is scarcely populated, other than by secluded tribes of H√ľornen barbarians.

The entire region is plagued with fierce weather; exposure to which that will quickly kill most outsiders, deadly creatures that prey on travelers, and fearsome ice wraiths that prowl the snowbanks during the long night hours here. This region was not always so deadly cold until the Storm of the North, which destroyed the ancient kingdom of Thalar, its cities of El-Gerath and Al-Enoth, and its citadel of Sol-Kathad. Only frozen ruins now exist there