Northern Wastes

The Northern Wastes is the most dangerous and inhospitable geographic region on the Continent of Corwyn.

As part of the North; the Wastes are located on the northern tip of the Northern Peninsula.

The regional borders are: the Alaghon Mountains on the east, the Myr Thalal on the west, the Nürn Myr on the north, and the Icelands on the South.

Because of the extremely harsh climate and living conditions, the Northern Wastes are very scarcely populated. The only people who live here are the scattered barbarian tribes of the Hüornen, who eke out a meager existence with only the scarce natural resources available to them.

The Wastes are also home to many fierce and terrible creatures, making the region extremely dangerous. These creatures, such as polar bears, Frost Giants, and the terrifying Remorhaz, all of which hunt constantly for human prey. Worse still are the deadly Ice Wraiths, who wander the icy landscape, thirsting for the blood of living men.


Here, the weather itself is an enemy to its inhabitants. The entire region is covered in heavy snowfall for nine months of the year and the arctic winds howl with such terrible ferocity that men cannot walk upright, or even see through the blinding snow and ice constantly thrown into the air.